1. Choose Bluetooth headphones for wireless connectivity. 

Bluetooth headphones have the advantage of being wireless which can make carrying them that much easier. While the benefit of going wireless means less fumbling with cables and cords, Bluetooth headphones need to be charged on a regular basis. Furthermore, if you forget to pay attention to the battery life, it can run out during mid-use which can be frustrating so think about where and when you’ll be using them to inform your decision.

  • If you’re working outside all day and want to listen to music in the meantime, pay close attention to the talk/music time labelled on the Bluetooth headphones to make sure it’ll last for as long as you need it to.
  • Using Bluetooth headphones will also drain the battery of the device it’s connected to so remember to contemplate your smartphone’s battery life as well

2. Get headphones that can switch between wired and wireless. 

Some Bluetooth headphones have the option to attach a wire if you want to avoid the trouble of keeping an eye on the battery life. If you’d prefer to have that freedom, look for the models that offer both.

3. Pick the lighter earbud variety for quick and easy use. 

There’s a slight difference between Bluetooth earbuds and Bluetooth headphones. Earbuds fit directly into your ear and weigh close to nothing. These are great if you simply want to get up and go out as they’re very easy to travel with. However, they generally have lower quality sound compared to over-the-ear headphones due to not being able to drown out as much outside noise. This decision should be based on whether you need mobility or not and if you think it’s worth the compromise.

4. Get over-the-ear headphones for the highest quality sound. 

Over-the-ear headphones have superior sound to earbuds due to having larger and better technology. They also have huge noise reduction that blocks out surrounding sound from the outside, thereby isolating your music. The only major drawback is that they can be heavy and cumbersome.

5. Choose Bluetooth headphones with a microphone for phone calls. 

If your job entails making and taking calls throughout the day, there are Bluetooth headphones specifically made for that purpose. These are not for listening to music but rather for talking to people without the need for handling the phone itself

  • These headphones can be especially useful if you’re in the car because they allow you to talk hands-free.
  • Bluetooth headphones designed for phone-calls also have a longer battery life with some providing as much as 10 hours of talk time in one sitting.

6. Check the ‘specifications’ section of a headphone brand to get an idea of its capabilities. 

You might discover useful features you hadn’t thought of that you may appreciate. Some headphones might cost more due to a feature you don’t even need, so explore the specs and determine if you’re getting your money’s worth. There are many different styles and varieties so it’s worth seeing what is available.